Suzanne Awards prize

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The three winners will receive a cool 3d printed Suzanne statue (now we have one white, one transparent and a black Suzanne), the DVDs from Peach, Apricot and both training dvds, and EUR 250 cash!

The nominations will each get a free pick of a DVD in our e-shop. We will contact them.

The 2008 Suzanne Awards Nominations

These are the nominees for the sixth annual Suzanne Awards.

The entries were shown during the Animation Festival on Friday October 24th 2008.

The people attending the Conference got to vote, and the winners were announced at the Suzanne Awards Ceremony on Saturday the 25th.



Best designed short film

Yohann Mepa

Download movie (48mB)





Glimpse of light
Alex Glawion

Download movie (32mB)





Troféu da Casa
Daniel Pinheiro Lima &
Danilo Dias Soares

Download movie (84mB)




Tape à l'oeil
Jean-Sebastien Guillemette

Download movie (75mB)





2008 Ann Arbor Film Festival, DVD Menu Compilation (A2f2)
Peter Traylor

Download movie (27mB)





Best character animation

Interviews from the future
Spark Digital Entertainment

Download movie (65mB)





A sad sad song
Beorn Leonard

Download movie (80mB)





The long road to animation
Francesco Calabrese

Download movie (14mB)





Richie the gecko
Jonathan Lax

Download movie (8mB)





Orion tear
Rogério Perdiz

Download movie (156mB)





Best short film

Hangar no. 5
Nathan Matsuda

Download movie (138mB)





Daniel Houghton

Download movie (67mB)





Kala et le mystère de la banane magique
Georges Mignot

Download movie (85mB)





Juan Carlos Camardella

Download movie (98mB)





The beast
Roland Hess

Download movie (115mB)